Housing for Interns

Whether you're at Ames, Goddard, Kennedy, JPL, Armstrong, Glenn, IV & V, Johnson, Langley, Marshall, or HQ (whew!), I bet you are frantically searching for a place to live, a roommate to share it with, and the means to pay for it.

The first piece of good news is all NASA internships pay $7,300 for the summer. This is taxable. That's a lot of money, but if you're on your own financially it can be tight. Especially if you're at Ames because - congrats! - you're in Silicon Valley, the most expensive area to live in in the U.S.

Is There Housing or Compensation for Interns?

There is housing available on base at most centers. You have to reserve your room early to make sure you have one. The rooms tend to be really cheap and not fancy in any shape or form. They're often old military bunkers. At Ames, a room was $55/night split between me and my roommate. It was far cheaper than anything I would've gotten outside of the center but still cost me about 1/3+ of my stipend.

What's the Roommate Situation?

You have to find your own roommate which can be hard. Fortunately, almost every center now has a Facebook page for interns coming in during the summer. Here was mine for Ames in Summer 2016. Try Googling "NASA (center) interns (year)" or "NASA intern roommates." If enough of you have seen this page, you can also try commenting below to find a roommate!

I highly recommend having a roommate to split costs. I almost guarantee you won’t find any sweeter deal than this.

Where is the Housing Information for Interns?

Good question! You may have noticed Google doesn’t direct you anywhere but here. Thing is, there’s still no list from NASA that provides this information and it's nearly impossible to find the lodges unless you know what you're looking for. Thankfully, yours truly has compiled the first-ever List of NASA Intern Housing Options For Every NASA Center right here on this page.

The Complete List of Housing & Lodging Options for NASA Interns:

Ames Research Center (ARC): The NASA Exchange Lodge

I stayed here, so I can vouch that you want buildings 583 A and B. Doesn't matter which. There is internet available. There are two kitchens in each building shared among hundreds of students, so it's busy and gross. Thankfully, you can make almost anything in the microwave including eggs, baked potatoes, mac and cheese, and pasta.

Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC): The High Desert Inn

Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC): Since there are four campuses for Goddard interns, I'll have to look more into this. In Greenbelt, GSFC offers housing at the University of Maryland and at these locations through the University as listed.

Kennedy Space Center (KSC): does not offer on-base housing, however, they work with nearby landlords to lower the cost for students. See here for a forum that seems to reflect available landlords. See here for KSC FAQ where #4 explains where to find housing.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL): JPL has the most updated site with tons of info for you guys, lucky interns! See JPL housing advice and detailed housing info.

Glenn Research Center (GRC): GRC doesn't offer anything for on-base housing. After some digging, it seems the Extended Stay America Hotels nearby offer discount housing for interns around $32/night, though. Here are addressesof the four surrounding GRC:

  • 24851 Country Club Blvd, North Olmsted, OH 44070

  • 25801 Country Club Blvd, North Olmsted, OH 44070

  • 10300 Cascade Crossing, Cleveland, OH 44144

  • 7552 Rosbough Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44130

Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V): See listings under Goddard above!

Johnson Space Center (JSC): JSC also has a detailed site. Offering a housing guide that partners landlords with interns, intern FAQ sheets, and another site for housing.

Langley Research Center (LRC): Wow, you guys get fully furnished apartments! A cheaper options is the usual military housing.

Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC): There are several hotels on base that seem to be discounted because Marshall hosts the U.S. Space Camp.

*Update: Check out the University of Alabama Huntsville's website for intern housing! Thanks to Christie Dennis for reaching out and adding to this list!

Headquarters (HQ): Seems like you'll need to stay in a hotel nearby for this one. HQ is in Washington, D.C. and it's a cool place but I don't know how one would live around there. Here are two hotels that offer discounts (first and second) but you might need a hard badge for the government rate.

So, there you have it! The first-ever list compiled. I'm proud of that list. It was such a headache trying to find a home for 10 weeks across the country.

Make sure to contact me if you have other ideas!